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Decanters & Glasses

Make Culinary Republic your source of premium glassware we stock Riedel, Nachtmann, and Krosno. Our products are sourced from Austria, Italy, Germany and Poland.

Culinary Republic source their stemmed and non-stemmed glasses and decanters  from Austria, Italy, Germany and Poland to bring you the finest with differing price points. Riedel, Nachtmann, and Krosno are just a few of the brands stocked. Bormioli will be stocked soon.

Wine and spirits

At Culinary Republic our stemware, glasses and decanters appeal to the wine and spirit connoisseur and we realise to fully appreciate the different grape varieties and the subtle characteristics of individual wines and spirits, it is essential to have glassware which has a shape fine tuned for the purpose.

Spoil yourself today with a beautiful piece of stemware, glass or a decanter from one of Culinary Republic’s premium ranges.