Riedel Glassware

Buy your Riedel glassware from Culinary Repbulic we range stemware, glasses and decanters from styles that enhance your wine, spirit or beverage.

Design of Glasses

The design (architecture or construction) of  Riedel glasses ensures that the size, height and width are in perfect harmony.

The size of the bowl has to be in proportion to the height of the stem and the width of the base.

Respecting ratios between these dimensions ensures the glass is correctly and seamlessly proportioned.

This combined with influence from French and lrish classics resulted in stemware featuring this “construction”, which is so pleasing to the eye.


See our wide range of decanters. Using a decanter is a sign of respect to old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines.

Indulge yourself today with a decanter, or stemware and glasses from Culinary Republic! It will make all the difference to your wine or spirit experience.

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