The renowned Laguiole cutlery originates from the French town of Laguiole. Culinary Republic mainly stocks the Jean Dubost range a premium line. Hand crafted in the Laguiole region.

Culinary Republic also stocks both the Classique and a few items in the Debutant ranges by the more affordable Cutletier Andre Verdier.

The Classique range is the Verdier premium range of cutlery. Each blade has a thickness of 2.2mm with engraving down the spine of the handle. Customers feel this additional weight along with decorative etches takes the cutlery to a higher level of luxury.

The Debutant range is affordable for the price conscience customer who want genuine Laguiole cutlery. The debutant range ihas a varied colour range. Boasting a 1.2mm hardened steel blade with mirror finish as well as ABS handles with stainless steel bolsters.