Woll Cookware

Cooking with quality makes sense!

In a WOLL cast product the heat is distributed and stored particularly well; which means you can keep the temperature turned down and make great energy savings while cooking.

For  example, you will use 1/3 less energy than when using traditional cast iron pans.

Even more energy-saving tips:

Use a WOLL cast product whose base is the right diameter for the hotplate.

Hotplates which are too large consume unnecessary energy. The high quality and good heat conductivity of the WOLL thermo-base mean that even with smaller hotplates the heat is evenly distributed.

Due to the especially thick WOLL thermo-base, food will stay warm for longer even when you have turned the hotplate off.

Choose a pot size to suit the contents. Ideally a pot should be 2/3 full.

Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or caulifl ower are best steamed without liquid or with only a little liquid, in a closed pot or casserole; this saves energy, is healthier and vegetables taste better.

Often cooking time can be reduced by around 30 – 40 %.

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